Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Because it's funny

We are sort of working on potty training with Eligh, as he is the only child left in diapers.  I am leaving this more for daddy, though, so it is in the introduction stage.  Tonight after dinner, right before bath, he needed a diaper change and instead of wasting a diaper daddy told him to run around with out his pants on and just his shirt, which he has done in the past. 

I was in the process of washing dishes and he insisted on standing right next to me the entire time.  If I moved a little to the right, he moved to.  The whole time I'm thinking, please don't pee on me, please.

Mommy:  "Hey, what are you doing?"
Eligh:  "Umm...touching my tallywacker."
Mommy:  "Why?"
Eligh:  "Because it is funny." (giggles and big smile)

And the penis tugging begins.


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