Thursday, January 10, 2013


First an apology for teasing you with one Disney post. We had an all day appointment and CT for Kinsley this week and then, bam, Eligh is sick with vomitting, fever, and throat pain.

I have to share this event, as it still has me spooked hours later.

Tonight, leaving dance class Addyson wanted to walk in front of the van on the side walk, while I wanted to walk behind the van. All of a sudden, Addyson is bawling her eyes out (scared, not a temper tantrum type crying). I ask her what is wrong and in between her sobs she explains she does not want to get run over and wants to walk on the sidewalk. I decide to take her route vs mine, and she is soon catching her breath and calming down when I hear a loud crunching noise. I turn my head and the car I wanted to walk behind to get to the van just backed into a parked car. I was and am still spooked about the whole series of events and am extremely grateful that Addyson was insistent on walking a different route, as that car could have backed into us .

All individuals involved were unharmed.


  1. Whoa. That's pretty scary. I'm glad you followe A's lead and went on the side walk, too! Many hugs.

    Kids seems to have a 6th sense about things that we as adults often do not.


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