Sunday, January 13, 2013

Disney - Magic Kingdom #1

Day two at the parks and we had a full day planned at Magic Kingdom.  Since we knew we were going to visit Magic Kingdom at least twice during our stay, we went ahead and booked all of our experiences on one day and would accomplish the rides on the next day.

We started the morning with the entire family and had to be there super early to make it to our Chef Mickey reservations at 7:20 a.m.  On this particular day it was frigid (30 - 40 degrees).  Thankfully, I had brought the kids' hats and gloves with as  they needed them on this particular morning.  My parents, younger sister and husband, and my older sister and niece headed to the monorail to the park as they were having a princess breakfast while the rest of us hit up Chef Mickeys at the Contemporary Resort.

We made it with about five minutes to spare at the restaurant and had a fabulous time.  Everyone (adults included) enjoyed the food and the kids' really enjoyed seeing the characters.  Upon choking down our bill, we all grabbed fruit for the day to go.

Upon leaving we met my parents near the front of the resort.  My parents took my three kiddos and my brother's son.  Cody and I, my brother, his two daughters, and my younger sister and husband headed to Space Mountain.  I was not a fan of all the dark, but it was great to actually go on a ride geared more towards the older kids.

After finishing the ride we met back up with our three kiddos and got to see them riding on the Speedway with Grandma and Grandpa.  While we waited at Space Mountain, Grandma and Grandpa took the four little ones on Buzz Lightyear and the People Mover (which they all enjoyed both rides).

Once we got the kiddos back I sent Cody back to the vehicle to get the girls' princess dresses and our packed lunches.  This was a huge mistake.  While Cody ran back to the van, we headed to ride Dumbo.  Three years ago there was one Dumbo ride, now there are two and while you are waiting to actually ride the ride, they have an indoor playground for the kids to play on and the adults are given a buzzer to let them know when it is time to ride.  After about ten minutes, Kinsley and my youngest nephew have to go to the bathroom.  I decide that I will take them, thinking the bathroom was in the playground area.  WRONG!  The Disney worker gave me directions to the closest bathroom along with a fast pass ticket to meet back up with the rest of my group.  The fast pass for Dumbo, though, does not meet back up with the play area, and I ended up having to take Kinsley and my nephew on Dumbo.  The two of them were not happy that their planned seating with their cousins did not work out due to their bathroom break.

Just as we finished Dumbo, I met up with my mom and younger sister who let me know that Cody brought the lunches back but forgot the girls' dresses and had to head back to the van all during one of the many parades Magic Kingdom puts on (which makes it extremely hard to get around the park).  I had to send Eligh with my younger sister, my dad, brother, and nephew along with his lunch to the Pirate experience and us girls headed toward the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

About five minutes before I had to check in, Cody showed back up with the dresses and then had to race across the park to meet up with Eligh.

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is breath taking.  All the girls were in complete amazement of their magical transformations.  Soon after, the boys (who now became pirates) met up and loved seeing everyone all dressed up.  Eligh chose to be dressed like Jake but refused any make up on his face declaring that it would make his skin burn.

Everyone split up at this point, and we caught a parade and then a quick bite.  Since the line was about thirty minutes long we decided to hit up "Small World" and then met up with my older sister and her family to get situated for the Light Parade.

The light parade was a huge hit with the kids and the castle with the added Christmas lights was a sight I am glad we all got to see and experience.

We skipped the fireworks as they were not planned for another hour.  The girls were very tired and ready to get home and warm.  The monorail ended up breaking down so everyone had to take the ferry.  As soon as we got on the ferry, both girls fell asleep on the stroller and by the time we got to the van and everyone loaded up we saw the fireworks through the trees.

Another straight to bed night knowing that we had another early morning ahead of us. 

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