Thursday, January 17, 2013

Magic Kingdom - 2nd Visit and the day of the picture

Our main goal today was to ride as many rides as we possibly could before the rush of people would hit the park (typically right after lunch).  Since the night before was New Years Eve, the park was not nearly as packed as it had been the previous visit.  We again let the kiddos wake up on their own and made it to the park just as they were opening for the day.  Our first stop was to hit up the new Ariel ride at Fantasyland.  The rest of the day is somewhat of a blur, but I know we rode the following rides:  Ariel, Dumbo, Tea Cups, Barn Stormer, Small World, Peter Pan (another ride that you need to ride early or get a fast pass for early) and Winnie the Pooh.  

Around 10 a.m. we met up with my parents, younger sister and husband and grabbed the train and took it to Frontierland.  We asked all the kiddos if they wanted to ride Thunder Mountain, which Addyson said she did not.  My mom opted to sit out with Addyson and took her to meet Jessie while my dad, Cody, younger sister, brother in law, the twins, and I all headed for a thirty minute wait to ride Thunder Mountain.  Eligh wanted to sit between me and daddy and held our hand the entire time.  Kinsley declared that she LOVED the ride and wanted to ride it again, which we did the rider swap and my mom and dad took her again and were able to bypass the line and went through the fast pass line.  

Since there was a short wait for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, we all went on that ride together as well.  Addyson cried and did not care for the ride (mostly because it was dark).  Since it was now lunch time, we hit up a Mexican quick order spot, and everyone really enjoyed their meals.  After lunch we went on the Aladdin ride, and then had to meet up with the rest of the families to take our massive family picture with our matching shirts (pictures to come as soon as I have the cd).  After the picture, Cody and the kids swapped their pants out for shorts and we caught a show at the castle before going back on It's a Small World.  After the ride, we decided our day was done.  The kids got to ride all the rides geared toward them and a relaxing afternoon sounded perfect.  

My older sister and her family also left (but they had to head back to Illinois the next day).  I cooked up some leftover spaghetti for our two families and had my niece over to play with the girls.  Soon after dinner, the kiddos were in bed, and I worked on some packing knowing the next day was our last and I did not want to have to be running around worrying about packing.  

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