Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Last week I had to take the trio in for yearly sports physicals.  The twins were healthy and Addyson was battling a nasty flu bug.

The nurse seemed alarmed when reporting Eligh's BMI to the doctor.  A whopping....0%.  Thankfully, the doctor looked at his chart more thoroughly and saw that Eligh is simply on the smaller side and has been tested and screened for a variety of things.  He is well and healthy for him.

But, the past few days this boy has eaten seconds and thirds of many of his meals and when he asks for more I jump with excitement and load up his plate.  I am sure this will only be a phase, but I can only hope that he will have a growth spurt and pack on some weight.


  1. That is great!

    Sports physicals?? That is the first I've heard of that for kids! Is it the same thing as their yearly checks?

  2. I battle the same thing with my little guy. I have concerns he is 4 and weighs 29 pounds. If you dont mind me asking how much is Eligh.

    I hope he keeps eating like he is :)


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