Sunday, January 20, 2013

Magic Kingdom - Goodbye

On our fifth day at the parks, we decided to head back to Magic Kingdom.  The kids can ride the most rides and still had not seen all of the characters they wanted.

We arrived at the park at opening time and headed straight to Tomorrowland.  We rode Astro Orbiter (way faster than I thought) and Buzz Lightyear.  We did the Laugh Floor and Stitch (waaaaay too scary - as it was pitch black for several minutes).  We then headed to Fantasyland and rode Ariel.  I went to go stand in line to see Merida nearly an hour early, and was the second person in line.  Cody took the kids on the tea cups while I waited and after about 15 minutes the photographer came out and said Merida would not be here at her scheduled time, but if we wanted to come back at 9:55 the lady and myself could skip the line and be the first two to see her, since we were the only ones already waiting for her.  I verified one more time before meeting back up with the family.  We went ahead and rode Ariel and then I decided to take the girls to meet Ariel (twenty minute wait) and Cody took Eligh to Tomorrowland Speedway. After meeting Ariel, my mom and younger sister met the girls and I and we went to go meet Merida.

After our pictures, we headed to ride Peter Pan and then hit up Frontierland.  We rode Aladdin, saw the super long line for Thundermountain, walked through the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (not that exciting), and let them pick one more ride before leaving for the day.  And, they chose It's a Small World.  I dug out three pennies and as we rode our last boat ride through Small World, the kiddos all made a wish and threw their pennies in the water.

We let all the families know we were leaving and headed back to the campground.  We grabbed lunch, ate at the campground, and the twins went down for naps.  Addyson stayed up and worked on her newest Lego purchase.

Around 3:30, I decided to hit up Downtown Disney one more time, as I still had not found a zip up sweatshirt that grabbed my attention.  I browsed the store for a while before my mom and younger sister met up with me.  We all finished our shopping, grabbed some hot dog buns and chips and headed back to the campground to have an easy dinner.

The visit ended perfectly.

We left bright and early the next day, got stuck in some traffic, met up with my some long time friends/family for lunch, and finished our drive to Tennessee where we met up with my parents at a hotel.  The next morning we left around 7:30 and finished our road trip back to Missouri.

It simply could not have gone any better than it did.  The kids still ask weeks later when we can go back.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a Great time :) I am glad you enjoyed it.. its always so worth all the work when you see the kids light up with excitment


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