Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Disney - Hollywood Studios

Today the kiddos "slept" in, as in we did not wake them up.  Hollywood Studios did not open until 9 a.m. so we were going to take advantage of letting the kids get up when they please.  We still, made it to the park about 20 minutes early and met my older sister and crew at the gate.

We all raced towards Toy Story Mania, as it is a ride that smaller kiddos can ride and typically has a long line.  Just as we whipped through the maze to get to the actual ride, they informed us that it was having technical difficulties.  We left the ride and went to see what time other shows were starting and ended up heading to "The Great Movie Ride."

"The Great Movie Ride" was pretty neat for Cody and I, but Addyson cried and held onto her daddy the entire time and declared she never wanted to ride it again.

We headed back towards the Disney Live show to find out that they would not be showing the first show due to difficulties.  We went ahead and waited in a one person line to see Jake and Handy Manny.  Eligh had to switch his Mickey ears for his Jake hair before meeting these guys.  While we were waiting and taking pictures Cody went back to Toy Story to get fast pass tickets for later.

Since there wasn't a line, us girls headed for the Ariel show and I sent Cody off to a pirate show.  My sister and niece met us at the show and we were able to sit together and the girls had so much fun seeing the show.

After the show Cody, Eligh, my parents, and younger sister met us and Cody let me know he took Eligh on Toy Story since he couldn't find the new pirate show/ride (good thing, because we found out it was just a standing room movie).  Addyson did not want to go on the Toy Story ride, so I offered the fast pass to my mom.  I took Kinsley on the ride, while my mom took my niece, and my sister went with her son and her fiance and his boys on the ride.

Once we finished the ride, the families split up again.  Our family went to Muppets 3D, took pictures with Lightning and Mater, and let the kids play at Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.  At this time, we headed back to Disney Live and were able to get in to the show.  The kids had a blast at this show and after we finished, we decided we had seen everything we wanted to at Hollywood Studios and decided to head back to the camp ground for lunch and naps.

Kinsley fell asleep before we made it to the campground, so we put her straight to bed and Addyson and Eligh had a quick lunch before heading for a nap as well.

While the kiddos napped, my older sister, fiance, Cody, and I had lunch outside and relaxed.

We made sure the kids were up by 3:00 so we could grab Subway to take with to Hollywood Studios.  We headed back to Hollywood Studios and nearly sprinted to catch the Cars Stunt Show.  My parents saved us seats, and we made it with 10 minutes to spare.  At first Addyson was scared to even watch the show but eventually relaxed and enjoyed it.  Eligh was most excited when he saw Lightning McQueen.  We planned on going to a later show of Fantasmic, but since we finished the Cars show and had an hour to spare, we decided to head there early.  We got our seats, gave the kids their sandwiches and waited for the show to start.  Addyson spent about ten minutes hiding under her daddy, while Kinsley attached happily to my younger sister, and Eligh and I cheered.  Finally, Addyson realized that the show was not scary and joined the rest of us to watch the show.  Eligh declared that the Mickey Mouse fireworks was his favorite part.

After the show, we met up with my brother and his family (as they had come to the same show) and we all decided to head to the Star Wars ride.  My nephew is older than the twins by four months, but is much shorter than them and did not make it to go on the ride, and he is a HUGE fan of Star Wars.  So.....we came up with a plan.  We took Eligh's stocking hat and stuffed it under Jake's wig and put it on my nephew and with a 15 minute wait we stood in line.  Kinsley had a blast on the ride and went immediately after my sister in law and my two nieces as there was no wait.  Addyson nearly threw up on the ride and Eligh was in the middle.  I, on the other hand, thought it was awesome and I do NOT care for Star Wars.

Once Kinsley finished we decided to head to see the Osborne Lights Display and exit the park.  My parents and my younger sister and husband joined us and let me tell you, it was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had.  The lights danced along to music and it was snowing!!!!  It was the perfect end to another great day at Disney.

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