Sunday, January 27, 2013

Case of the non-pink eye zombie children

Last Tuesday Kinsley woke with a very red eye oozing yellow boogers.  Gross, huh?  I called right at 7:00 when the appointment line opens and was able to get her an appointment, all preparing for the doc to tell me she had pink eye.  WRONG!  The doc says drumroll please........


Anyone else sick and tired of the term "virus?"  I swear this is the same thing we hear over and over again and I think it is a cop out.

Doc said she was good to go to daycare if she was in daycare and that it was like any other virus and continue hand washing.

Each day the eye had more boogers and then spread to the other eye and then she looked like a dang zombie.  She did NOT act sick at all, but looked like crap.  Yesterday her eyes looked nearly normal and then today, bam both are red again (like if she had her eyes open when swimming in a chlorine treated pool red).

Add in that Thursday after nap, Eligh woke with a crusty red looking eye.  He, too did not look as bad yesterday and then today his eyes are blood shot in each corner of both eyes.

I don't know what to do!!!!  On Friday when I talked to the nurse about it now attacking Eligh she said the doc still believed it was a virus.  How many days with red eyes is considered ok?

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