Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PreK three days complete

Addy has been going to PreK now for the past three days and it has been an adjustment for us all. 

Each day she gets a little more comfortable with leaving and lessens the amount of times she asks me to stay with her and hasn't cried again since the first day. 
She shares her snack from school with her brother and sister and no one told her to (afreakinmazing)
She is a tattle tale and tells me the boys (based on the color of their shirt) that have had to go into time out and what for 
Each day she willingly shares everything she did in school and then promptly asks what mommy did.  ("...And then what did you do?  What next?")

She has become defiant,  like the good ole days 
She only wants mommy and pushes everyone's buttons and the limits.  ("Kinsley, stop sitting on your sister's head.")
I think she is missing Addy and doesn't know how to handle it

He is still pretty much laid-back and easy going
Upon parking, he immediately says that Addy is going to Ms. (insert teacher's name) class.  He knew the teacher's name before Addyson!
He asks several times a day where Addyson is and when we can get her 

I am doing much better than Monday, but I still go to bed thinking I should just yank her out of the school and keep her home.  Yep, I miss her that much and you can think I am lame all you want.
The 2.5 hours Addy is at school, I have been trying to be productive while still doing something special with the twins.  
I have pushed them in the stroller for two miles on two separate days and followed up at the playground. 
Today we went to the fish store and ordered their 3rd birthday cake
I like having this alone time with the twins
Because Addy is away part of the day we have been letting Addy stay up a little bit later than the twins and do something "special" (paint toe neee nails, color, and play games - only one activity each night)

Who wants to solve a puzzle? Great, thanks.  
I know there are two other girls in Addy's class and know one of their names, the other I can't pick it out from the list, so I have tried asking her.  She tells me there is a girl that used to be a boy, but is now a girl and her name is L (something odd and definitely not distinguishable, but matches the class list).  "She goes in the boy's bathroom, has long hair, wore race car shoes one day and a rainbow shirt the other."  I have tried probing her to see if she just means it is a boy with long hair and she immediately tells me no like I'm the crazy one.  Good luck figuring this one out, because I have no clue.



  1. Maybe the girl went into the boys room by mistake on the first day? Hmmmmm....

  2. I'd guess boy with long hair also. :-)

    I'm glad you are all easing into the whole school routine. It has to be a huge change for the twins and Addy for her to be gone during that time. But, it probably won't be long until everyone feels good about this new phase. (I hope!)

    I think the focus on the twins while she is away and giving her some time after they go to bed is a great way to make sure they each feel special, too.

  3. How is the adjustment process going? Does Addy seem to be enjoying herself? How are you doing?

    I talked to someone today who doesn't plan to send her children to preschool at all. As you can probably tell, I'm all about preschool. :) You mention in your post that you think about taking her out and keeping her home. Why did you decide to send her to preschool? Will the twins go next year?

    Sorry for all of the questions -- this has just been on my mind a lot today since I had the other preschool conversation and then I was catching up on your posts. :)

  4. You're getting their cake from a fish store?? LOL

    You're doing great! You all are! It's a huge adjustment!


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