Monday, August 15, 2011

How to cause a migraine

I have always had a long history with migraines, but I am going to blame today's migraine on Kinsley. 

Saturday Eligh and Kinsley were running up and down the sidewalk pushing their cars and of course with any form of running someone falls at least once.  Eligh and Kinsley were traveling in opposite directions causing a collision of Kinsley's face and Eligh's car.  Tears and crying started, but no sign of injury to her face and she was back to her self in less than one minute. 

Yesterday as Cody and I were putting Kinsley to bed for her nap we both noticed one of her front teeth was a different shade, near grey.  Panic set in and I researched, finding loads of information stating she could possibly have to lose her tooth which could cause future speech delays (yeah, I of course focus on the most extreme).  There was no one we could see, so we had to wait until today. 

I called the dentist office, which is closed today and had to call their other office in a town 20 minutes away and they said they would work her in. 

Her tooth is a different shade that only myself and those I point it out to will notice, but her tooth is fine and should remain fine.  

These children are going to cause me to have high blood pressure and migraines for the rest of my life.


  1. Haha...if there were a list of the ailments that parenthood caused, we might not have a population problem! Glad she's okay...

  2. Soooooooooo glad her tooth is going to be ok! I tend to go straight to worst-case scenario too.

  3. They do make us a little crazy huh? I thought I would totally lose it when my 28 month old boy (of my b/g twins) fell from our swing/slide set in the back yard. Broke his arm - visibly. I was totally sick to my stomach. We have our hearts walking around outside of our body! It's painful.
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