Thursday, December 9, 2010


My mind is a whirlwind with preparations for Addy's big show.  Tonight and tomorrow night we will need to eat dinner at 5 in order to have time to make my 3 year old look way too old (blush, make - up, mascara, loads of hair sprayed curls).  Tonight is rehearsals, thirty minutes before normal bedtime, until who knows when.  Then, tomorrow night we will do the same, but it will be the actual recital.  She is going to look all kinds of cute, and I just hope she gets up on stage and doesn't have a meltdown. 

In the meantime, while I'm running around stressing about making Addy look too mature, here are some funnies from the monkeys
  • "Here's my whacker!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "You are a pain in my butt!"
  • "I have a big whacker!"
  • "I done crying, mommy!"
  • "Grandpa, I want to watch Santa Cause."  Gets out Santa Clause.  "No, Grandpa, I want Santa CAUSE, with the doggie."  (Santa Paws, not Santa Claus)
  • "Where is George?" (They named their elf George - really creative children I have)
  • "Kinsley, you are getting bigger.  You want to reach way up high and be bigger like me?"
  • "You are ridiculous!"
  • "I don't want everybody looking at me."
  • "I want to calm down.  I don't want to clean-up any more, I'm sweaty."


  1. Wait...did I miss something? Why are you throwing all the makeup and hair spray on her? I'm confused, but at least I've got a big whacker!

  2. The pictures of her are just adorable! And, really, I need a big whacker myself.


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