Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meet George

Our little Elf on the Shelf has been a HUGE hit this year.  Grandma bought each family the book and elf this year for us all to start this new tradition with this clown looking creature.  He creeps me out, and yes, I'm assuming it is a he.  On the night after St. Nick visited the house and filled the kids' stockings, grandma read the story, introduced the elf, and explained what was going to happen.  I entered the picture when it came to naming the elf.  Addyson lacked ideas and simply wanted to call him "Elf" or "Hat."  Grandma and I started throwing out random names, and Addyson said, "How about George?"

I asked Kinsley and Eligh who simply shouted, "Yeah!!!!" and continued running round in circles. 

George is quite the character in this house.  He hangs from ceiling fans, stockings, gets inside of glass cabinets, such a silly little creepy elf he is.  If mommy forgets to fly the elf to a new destination, grandma is always on back up.  When grandma hides George, then mommy has to truly search with the kids after breakfast. 

All three of the monkeys rush down from their seats after breakfast in search for George and shout with excitement as soon as they find him. 

The threats of Santa not coming, seem to work, especially with Addyson. 

Addyson's problem these days is a sassy attitude and failure to listen.  When this occurs, I ask her if she would like me to talk to George and explain to him that Addyson is being sassy.  She immediately cries and begs me not to talk to George and says, "I don't want to be sassy, mommy.  Please don't tell George." 

Then there are those little behaviors that don't stop and I walk over to George and talk to him, and soon after Addyson runs to see George and apologizes. 

Kinsley is being her normal crazy self, and doesn't completely understand the concept of George.

Eligh, though, is starting to understand more than I thought.  The other morning Eligh stood looking up at George and said, "I'm a good boy, ok?"  It was the cutest thing ever, especially because he was holding his blankie in one hand and looked so serious. 


  1. Ours is "Jack" and he's very effective at his job. D. actually whispers to him (lord knows what he says) but he knows he CANNOT touch him or the magic goes away. Brilliant!

    Jack's favorite place to sit is upside down on a hook that leads to D.'s playroom.

    We did avert a minor catastrophe. Jack fell off a shelf and our cat took off with him and ripped off his hat. Thankfully, it was after hours and I was able to hot glue it back on before morning. lol

  2. Our elf does NOTHING to deter behavior. It is really fun to watch the girls find "her" every morning.
    My biggest fear is that that thing will fall and I will get busted touching it.

  3. Ours is works sometimes, but there needs to be proximity. So, if they're bad in another room and I mention "Kringle," they point to the other room and tell me where he it doesn't count.


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