Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry, merry Christmas

I'm probably one of few bloggers who are actually awake and posting on the actual day of Christmas. 

This is the first year that all three, especially Addyson, are SUPER excited about Christmas.  Last night after dinner and baths, the kids opened up one gift (a musical book) from grandma and grandpa, which kept them up a little later than normal because they HAD to have it in their beds.  The monkeys left cookies, milk, and carrots out on a plate for Santa and his reindeer along with leaving the fireplace open so Santa could get down, and make sure you don't light a fire or you'll burn poor Santa's booty.  The monkeys told George they were good all year, and that they would see him next year.  Finally, the five of us (oh, how wonderful this is) sat down to listen to daddy read, "The Night Before Christmas." 

Santa visited leaving gifts for all, and snuck in to leaving stockings full of gifts at the foot of their beds (except Santa had to come back to visit Addy, because she woke up during his first attempt). 

4 am Addy woke up screaming with excitement.  She sprinted into our room with her stocking.  She opened her gifts, and has no plans to go back to sleep.  Daddy is dozing, while Addy watches cartoons, and anxiously awaits for Eligh and Kinsley to wake up so she can open her gifts from Santa. 

This year is already GREAT.  Daddy is home to watch first hand his babies open their gifts and see their excitement and joy spread from ear to ear. 

May your day be filled with as much excitement and appreciation for what is most important, family. 

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Wow...this whole thing brought tears to my eyes (except the part when Addy woke up...that nearly sent me into a panic attack). So glad you're all together...enjoy every single second!

  2. 4AM- HOLY EARLY!!!!!

    I love that you were all together on Christmas. It makes my heart smile!

  3. Sounds like you had a great Christmas!


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