Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Addyson told me, "You are the best mommy ever!" several times in the past couple of days.  I wonder if she is trying to make sure she is on the "nice" list still.
  • The kids and I truly enjoy the snow, but I DESPISE getting all three of them dressed to go play in it.  I have to hold back cuss words as I try to get the twins' little thumbs in the thumb hole of their mittens, and all of Addy's fingers into her gloves.  I bite my tongue, grit my teeth, and end up sweating by the time we get outside.
  • I would rather spend 2 hours out in the snow than swimming with those three.  I'm all about wearing clothing that I can hide under, and it is so much easier to watch them as they stand out so well in the snow.
  • Addyson insisted on helping me shovel the patio and sidewalks, which she actually did a GREAT job.  I just want to write this down so in about 10 years when I ask her to help I will remember that she actually enjoyed doing so.  She has no idea that she is getting her very own snow shovel from Grandpa and Grandma. 
  • Either the kids are sleeping in, or I'm simply so exhausted that I don't hear them until 7:30. 
  • The downside to waking up later, means I'm less motivated to go to the gym, which I'm still going but not as happily as before. 
  • I have to threaten Eligh that he will NOT get to watch "Frosty" if he doesn't close his eyes and nap, and it works, but I have no idea what I'm going to do when winter passes. 
  • Speaking of "Frosty," I am enjoying the break from his ridiculously annoying obsession with the monotone "Thomas" movies. 
  • This past week I have found several possible rental houses, and many times when I call they are taken.  Update your damn website, please!  We have a handful of appointments made for the upcoming week, and let's hope one of them will be perfect and we can sign a lease and move sooner than later.
  • On the moving front, found out that the Army decreased our allowance for housing by $21.  No, that is not a lot, but when you consider how little Cody is paid, then ever little penny counts. 
As always, check out the sarcastic, and always funny (no matter what she says) Danifred.


  1. Stopping In from FNL.

    This is the first year we have dealt with the getting dressed to go outside in the snow. It took 40 minutes, and that was for one toddler!

    My daughter likes to sweep, mop, etc but in ten years I'm sure I'll have to provide visual proof that at one time she did want to clean!

  2. The part of the snow that makes me bonkers is the after effects. All the wet clothes, jackets, mittens, hats, boots, socks all over the floor. And, my husband is the biggest culprit!!!!

  3. Stopped by from Friday Night Leftovers and now following.

    Good luck with the move. I hear you on the military pay scale. My brother is a Marine and since I help him take care of his finances...I get sick every time I see his bank statement.
    It's shameful, isn't it?!

  4. I like the new blog look! I despise getting the boy ready to go outside- even more I despise being out in the snow- I don't even own boots. Snow play is a daddy job.

  5. I hate thumb holes. I hate cold weather. I hate "Thomas," but I'm starting to hate Frosty just as much.

    I really hope you find a place shouldn't be this hard!


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