Friday, December 10, 2010

Dress Rehearsal

Dress rehearsal was a little bumpy, but I didn't see Addy except for when she was hamming it up on stage, so I didn't have the stress of keeping her entertained for 2 hours, it was someone else's job. 

First part of the video she is the 2nd from the left.  Second part of the video she is 2nd from the left (shorter one).  The girls in her class range from 3 -5 and you can tell the difference.

Oh, and I was trying to multi-task with taking pictures, so excuse how all over the place it is.


  1. Super, super cute!

    Em's first ballet performance of the year is next week...I can't wait!

    Looking forward to reading about the big show. :)

  2. She looks a lot more graceful than I would...that's for sure!!!

  3. Very cute!!
    (& let me know if you want a hand fine tuning the margins over here- e-mail me)


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