Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Update on the house in GA

This is the last month on our tenants lease and they did NOT give a 30 day notice.  So....I have spent the last two weeks communicating with the property manager and our realtor discussing options, gambling, and crunching numbers. 

As much as we would LOVE to sell our house in Georgia, we probably can't.  Insert a whole mess of profanities and other such nonsense.  Breathe and ask, now what?

The tenants "said" they will sign a 6 month lease.  But with their horrible first impression, I am not holding my breath.

Add in my sister's advice?   You may just have to foreclose on it.  Really????  She has no clue, no clue. 

I do not regret the purchase, as we made decisions we felt were right at the time (which they were) but life changes unexpectedly and I have learned to not live with regrets and simply roll with the punches.  (Or at least convince myself and others that everything will be ok ,right?)


  1. We have rental properties and I can TOTALLY relate to this stress. It's so hard because so much is out of our control. I hope they sign for another 6 months and you are able to find renters easily afterwards.

  2. OMG...that sucks! This is why I hate people...they're so unreliable and they lie right to you!


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