Sunday, September 4, 2011

I want a dog

The other day, Cody left to go back to work in the late afternoon and when he went to open the door there was a little dog begging to come in. After calling some numbers he got connected to the owners of the dog, who happened to live a few houses down the road.

A little conversation with Addy as she was allowed to skip a nap this particular day.
Addy: "I want a dog, mommy."
Mommy: "As soon as your daddy is done with the Army we can have a dog."

Cody leaves for a couple hours and returns home.
Addy: "Yay!!!! Daddy is done with the Army - I can get a puppy!"


  1. That is really funny! We want a dog at our house too...but I refuse until everyone is cleaning up their own poop!

  2. She does have a point mommy. Their little minds do work in some interesting ways. My girls want an inside dog (we only have an outside dog). My husband told them no.


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