Monday, September 26, 2011

Just a tad busy this week

Here is a glimpse of our schedule this week:

Monday:  Addy to and from school.
                Basketball meeting

Tuesday:  Addy to school
                Kinsley's dance class
                Pick up Addy from school
                Early dinner
                Basketball for Eligh

Wednesday:  Addy to and from school

Thursday:  Mommy 2+ hour doctor appointment 1.5 hours away
                  Daddy takes Addy to and from school
                  Addy's dance class

Friday:  Addy to and from school
             Take all three kiddos to the twins' 3 year check-up

In between all of this running I need to work on school work and another project.


  1. Holy busy. I still can't believe how much work this kids create :)


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