Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Senses

Sight:  Laundry basket full of folded clothes that I need to take downstairs and put away.  I don't mind doing laundry and even folding it, but putting it away, I hate it! 

Smell:  Burt's Bees on my lips (sexy, huh?)

Feel:  Annoying pain in my back/shoulder/neck/arm area (yep, that's a whole lot of area).

Taste:  This Greek dressing from the wrap I tried from a local restaurant.  Tasted good at the time, but man it lingers.

Hear:  The girls whispering - couldn't they have slept 30 more minutes?  Hmm...I wonder how long I can ignore them?

Want to join in?  Stop by Rebecca for all the rules.


  1. HA! I came back from the gym today (went while K was sleeping and T was laying on the couch being a whiney sicky...) and as I went to take a shower I heard K awake talking to her toys, I chose my shower over her.....but it felt so good to get clean!

  2. --I <3 Burt's Bees!

    Catching up..
    -Glad school is going well. Yay you!
    -Awesome that toy room and basement are put back together after your horrible flooding situation.
    -"Coconuts..." Who knew? ;)

  3. Oh how I love Burts Bees. The honey is the BEST!

  4. laundry can suck it!

    burt's bees makes me laugh...the other day i forgot to bring hailey's chapstick upstairs, so i used some burt's on the crazies. all of the sudden, matt is screaming MY LIPS HURT!!!! i guess it had something tingly in it. oops!

  5. I also hate putting laundry away. Ugh!

    I love Greek food, but the horrid way it sticks with you! All those onions ;)

  6. I hope that the pain goes away or becomes more manageable soon. I hate, hate, hate being in pain.
    And, I'm sure you can ignore the whispers. As long as they aren't screaming and hurting each other, it's all good!


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