Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - quick roadtrip

  • This week we made some big purchases (laptop - mini one's screen broke, outdoor table and chairs, and a treadmill)  
  • Finally went to my yearly (it's been two years).  I left with a migraine script, an Xray of my foot, and an order for blood work
  • My back is still a work in progress, but I believe after this last adjustment it is getting better.  But, if it does not, he will be ordering me an MRI.
  • All of these reasons are why I rarely go to the doctor for myself, there seems to always be something wrong.
  • The treadmill we ordered is back ordered for two weeks and they offered us an upgraded model for FREE!!  Hell to the yeah!
  • I can't tell you all enough how AMAZING it is to have Cody not only home, but available.  We eat dinner together as a family every night (except for my two Zumba nights).  He does not come home stressed at all.  I just wish he could stay at this type of job indefinitely.
  • Addy has a detailed list of what she wants for her birthday (which is only a few weeks away).  I will share with you all soon.
  • Kids are still shooting boogers out of their nose, but are happy as can be.  Never ending cold.  
  • We will be leaving sometime this afternoon for Illinois, which means we won't get in until it is super late (like 9 pm).  Yuck!  
  • My parents are going to let Cody and I go out tomorrow for our anniversary near the kids' bedtime.  We truly appreciate and enjoy these dinners that do not involve shouting, bargaining, "ewwws," and potty talk.  
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  1. Sorry about all the doctor mess! I hope that you have a safe trip and an absolutely wonderful anniversary dinner alone with C!! Is your anniversary the 19th? That is Allison's birthday :)

  2. Shooting boogers...gross!!!

    Yay for dinner tomorrow! Have fun!

    Sucky medical stuff...sorry...

  3. I hope your trip was successful and trouble free. I love that Cody is home and you two are together.


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