Sunday, March 13, 2011

No chest

Newsflash:  The trio are sick (another cold/or the same one).  I like to lather them up in Vicks a couple times a day, especially during naps and bed time.  Cody despises the smell and wishes I would wait until he has give them kisses and hugs before applying it, but I don't nor will I wait.

Today I was in the kitchen prepping lunch, and Eligh and Addyson came racing in on their ride on toys. 

Mommy:  Sniff, sniff.   I smell Vicks.  Babe, did you give the kids some Vicks?
Daddy:  NO!  You know I hate that stuff. 
Mommy:  Do you smell it?
Daddy:  Yes.  Addyson, you are the only one tall enough to reach it.  Did you get the Vicks from Eligh's dresser?  
Addy:   I got the chest.  I didn't have any chest yet, so I rubbed it on me and Eligh.  Because he didn't have any chest either. 
Daddy:  Addy, you have to let mommy or daddy put it on, ok?  
Addy:  Sad look.  But, I don't have a chest.  I need it. 

I busted up laughing with tears.  My almost 4 year old does not need a chest and if she has her mommy's genes, she will never get one.  This conversation could be something we visit in the next 12 years when she realizes she still doesn't have a chest. 


  1. What a riot! Seriously. What four year old thinks of that??

  2. Awwww...yes, this is definitely a conversation you bring up when she's about 12!!!


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