Monday, March 28, 2011

Since I'm changing my mind, a little list

After Christmas I was determined to avoid buying any gifts for Addy's upcoming birthday.  DETERMINED!  The child needed nothing.  She has loads of toys and was not playing with most of them.  When she asked for a toy for her birthday I told her that she didn't play with what she had, so why would she need anything else.  

But.....she has started playing with everything (dam nit) and she has been oh so cute lately.  How can I as a mom deny her a little something?  *I'm not a horrible mother that does not buy her children anything, they are spoiled rotten and to be honest, I get tired of "stuff" taking over our house. 

Here is Addy's list (which has not changed in months):
  • Rapunzel movie 
  • Rapunzel doll
  • Flynn doll
  • Rapunzel  costume
  • Toothless costume
  • Rapunzel cake
  • 2 Rapunzel balloons
  • 1 Bambi balloon
 Do you see a trend here?  Grandma has already taken care of the dolls and one costume.  I'm totally picking up the movie tomorrow and it just happens that her birthday is soon after it's release date, so it can be her gift and I had a shirt made on Etsy to take care of "Toothless" and I guess I'll have to make her a cake and possibly a balloon or two.  Like I said, she has been awfully cute (even if she has had quite a few sassy days).  


  1. I agree. Too much stuff is taking over.

    But how do you not get a few things? :-)

  2. Awwww...what a cute list! No, you're not a mean mommy!!!

  3. I actually told people NOT to buy anything for Tot for her birthday. And then? What do I do? Buy her another dress just today. Argggghhh

  4. I do NOT think you are a bad mom who doesn't buy her children anything. I totally get where you are coming from with feeling like kid stuff is taking over the house! I bought very little for Allison for her birthday this year. My kids, like yours, just don't NEED anything. I only bought Lauren one gift for her birthday last year. It was a big gift (laptop), but it was all she asked us for, and she had been asking for one for over a year. Of course, now I just need to convince the rest of my family that the kids don't need anything!


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