Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers - Volutold

  • I hate how my body treats me.  I'm in a good routine of exercising and really enjoying the most recent class I take at the gym, and last night I slept a couple hours due to pain, discomfort, you name it.  I had to skip the gym today as well as any form of exercise as an hour long trip to the store caused one of my legs to swell and bruise up.  
  • Yesterday on a whim, I took the kiddos (on my own) to STL Science Museum.  An old high school friend lives a quick drive from the city and met me there with her two kiddos.  The kiddos had a great time and I rewarded them with a trip to the book store where they each picked out a book.  
  • Spring break has been less than exciting with dance and soccer practices every single day along with rainy/snowy weather.  Surprisingly, though, the kiddos have all been getting along great this week.  
  • Today, though, a completely different story.  All because we had a voluntold playdate into a sleepover. 
  • Parents, if you ever want your child to spend the night at someone's house, do NOT put a tv in your child's room.  Not all parents believe in having tvs in the room and your poor child will be lost without one.  Blech - I am not a fan of this sleepover.  
  • Polling - do you contact the play date's house at any time to check on the child?  If so, how often?
As always, stop by our fabulous host, Danifred, to see what others are bringing tonight.  


  1. I don't do many drop off playdates, but when I do I just set a time limit beforehand and pick her up at the time. Usually it's not enough to check in, but I definitely would if it were an extended playdate.


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