Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - Volunteering

  • Eleven days and we will be sending off to all day Kindergarten.  Freaking out on so many levels. 
  • This week was draining.  
  • Apparently, Eligh is one talented little boy.  He was able to drain his own ears from an ear infection.  But, the cold symptoms are still lingering. 
  • Addy and Eligh have started soccer practices, which are two days a week.  Poor Addy is one of two girls on the team.  But, Addy is really loving soccer.  Eligh is adjusting and hopefully when this cold goes away he will be able to put forth all of his energy.  
  • I am not only volunteering with the PTA, but some how I am also the fundraising coordinator.  The drama of this group of women, in the three meetings we have had thus far is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  
  • The highlight of the week for my three were the arrival of cowboy/girl boots and matching hats from Grandma.  
  • The girls have a birthday party tomorrow and next week we add in dance practice, PTO meetings, meet the teacher night, doctor appointments, and more soccer practices. 
Stop by our host, Danifred, and give her a sprinkle of extra time.  

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  1. I also got sucked into the PTO stuff this year. I don't know how this keeps happening.


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