Thursday, August 16, 2012

Must get back to a routine

I had "Talking Tuesday" and "Wordless Wednesday" posts in my head drafted and ready to go.  Then, Tuesday night after celebrating a friend's 30th birthday, I get woken up three times with Kinsley.  The third time equaled projectile vomit all over her bedroom floor and when I thought she was done, I carefully carried her to the bathroom for her to continue to spray the carpet.  I spent the night shampooing carpets and finally passing out around 2 a.m.  She sounds congested and has a low grade fever.

Last night the itchy throat started with me.  I am doomed.  So much for getting back into a routine after ten days of visitors.


  1. I constantly walk around with perfect blog posts in my head. They rarely get typed out though.
    Hope you guys are getting healthy!


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