Tuesday, August 28, 2012


People, this whole starting school mess is about to choke me with anxiety, fear, sadness, worry, etc.

One week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the weekend approaching quickly and Addy's last days at home before the majority of her days are spent in school for the next 17 years lessen, I want to make sure I have done enough.

  • Has her time at home been memorable?  
  • Have I spent enough QUALITY time with her?  
  • Have I made her happy enough?  

Yes, those questions circle round and round my head and I am wondering (i.e. freaking the freak out):  Should I do one more special activity with her before she starts school?  Will a one-on-one lunch date with mommy suffice?

HELP!!!  This mommy is struggling.


  1. maybe you could go get your nails painted a day or two before school starts? The first few days will be tough, and possibly even the second Monday, after having had the weekend off, but it will get easier - hugs

  2. Many, many hugs. I like the mommy and me idea - maybe lunch and a mani combo?


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