Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No nap business

Addy announced months before her fifth birthday that she would be nap free at age five, and she of course has not forgotten her own little pledge. We are adjusting.

We have convinced her that she can skip naps five days a week, which is an added day from the six days she originally agreed upon. Dance class days = nap day, and daddy and I have declared Sunday a nap day as well.

For a child who is determined to no longer to nap, she will take a three hour nap on those days.

The five non-napping days I try to give her an activity to do on her own or with very little assistance, because I still have homework to complete that can't always be left to the evenings.

I know that we have been blessed with our consistent napping schedules and I know she is FIVE and oh my gosh how is she still napping, but it's been an adjustment, and not one I'm completely ok with. Because, it's just another reminder of her growing up. Sigh.

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  1. Tot, now six, will still nap on the weekends if we encourage it. She never knows she's tired until we tell her.


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