Saturday, April 21, 2012

For my own personal record - Addy's stomach pain

About four months ago, Addy went into the doctor for some insane constipation.  Screaming in pain for hours on end, pushing with absolutely no relief for well over two days.  She was put on Miralax once a day after her X-ray showed TONS of stool as the doc said.  Ridiculous amounts.  Two months go by and I took Addy in for her random rash, and after a bunch of tests we leave with a diagnosis of a virus and her X-ray showed more constipation. 

Last week the day before her birthday she cried hysterically for two straight hours in pain not able to go, even after sitting with her every few minutes trying.  I dug out a nasty laxative that "should" cause someone to go immediately, but it still took another 30+ minutes, but we skipped an ER visit and finally got her some minor relief. 

Yesterday I had a scheduled follow up for this issue and the doc again confirmed that she is still massively constipated (the child goes at least once a day, so I assumed it was getting better).  Her normal once a day Miralax is now bumped to THREE times a day along with some Colace for one week straight, then down to two times a day, and finally back to taking the Miralax once day along with a follow up appointment. 

Even when your kiddos are out of diapers you still have to worry about shit.  Is it too small, is it large, is it runny, hard, etc?  The only reason I even started inquiring about all of this was her pain a few months back, but obviously it has been going on for much longer for her to get this stopped up.  Mom failure #31

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