Monday, February 27, 2012

Recap on "Favors"

A few days ago I asked how you all felt about favors.  The few of you that responded feel the same way I do, even if someone offers to "help" you don't tend to take them up on their offer. 

When someone says, "I'll watch the kids for you some time, just let me know" 

  • Does that mean you should actually ask them?  I think you have to get to know someone well enough before trusting your kids with them.  So, if someone I just met or hung out with once or twice offers I laugh it off, knowing they mean well but I won't be asking them until I feel comfortable with them.  
  • Does it matter how long you have known them?  YES!
  • Should it be within a matter of a day when the suggestion was made?  Definitely not! 
My scenario:

Our closest neighbors (we actually share a wall) these houses here are goofy, but the space (well over 2000 square feet of just living space) works.  We have lived in our current "house" since late summer, so not very long.  We have just recently started hanging out with our closest neighbors, as in when we are out playing with the kiddos and they happen to be out with their kiddos.  Wednesday it was a nice day out, and we were all outside for hours playing.  I gave the mom my phone number in case she needed anything.  I offered as a some day suggestion that I would keep their kiddos (11 month old and three year old) one night so they could go out for dinner one night.  Thursday afternoon I get a text asking if I would watch their kids Saturday night.  I was shocked.  I didn't mind at all, just wasn't expecting it so soon.  We were all set to keep them Saturday night, and then out of the blue Kinsley started throwing up all night Friday into early Saturday morning.  

The point careful when you make suggestions because people may just take you up on them.  

I really meant that I would keep her kids, but I figured we would all hang out a few more times and let them feel more comfortable.  I know that if she offered to keep the kiddos, I wouldn't ask.  I'm just not there yet.  I do have a friend here who will keep the kids for me when I need something but we are friends and talk nearly every single day.  We have reached that comfort level.  

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  1. Um, yeah, that's a little soon. I would have thought she would have waited a bit as well. Guess she really, really needed a night out?


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