Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cawfee Tawk

Questions and Answers:
  1. What was your first concert?  B96 Bash which was a bunch of popular pop stars at the time.  Remember the "Thong Song?"  
  2. Do you know if Instagram has a way that I can actually purchase the pictures?  No, but I just upload to Shutterfly after I take a pic with Instagram.  I'm sure they will eventually come up with something, or I hope they do.
  3. What part of your body is always cold in the Winter?  Feet.  I'm always wearing a blanket when I'm sitting and then I go back and forth with my fuzzy Crocs. 
  4. What are you doing today?  I scrubbed the fridge and all three bathrooms already this morning.  I'm hoping to persuade the hubby to hang up the collage I had made of the twins and making heart shaped cupcakes this evening. 
  5. Any plans for V-day?  No - I am not into the holiday as far as celebrating with the hubby, but I will have the kiddos wear red or heart shaped clothing.  I'm debating picking up a little thing for each of them, especially since my mom is giving them something small.  I just don't want to look bad. 
  6. Who is the next celebrity that will take a nosedive because of drugsToo many to name
  7. Do you work out on the weekends?  If we don't have plans I do at least once.  I like to go in the mornings, but during the week I have to go in the evenings, so I enjoy my early morning escape.  
Want to play along?  Stop by Rebecca, plus she always has something funny to read.  


  1. Don't you hate the pressure to do something just b/c someone else is??? Ugh...

    That's how pinterest is going to ruin parenting too! LOL

  2. I use Postalpix to order Instagram pictures. It's an app and you can order the 4x4 photos and have them shipped directly to your house. I've done it once and was pleased with the results.


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