Thursday, February 10, 2011


We are finally all back in Missouri and Cody is signing into his new unit, which means I'll be home all day by myself again with no help until the evenings.  But, he will be home every day.  We will be settling into a new routine once again, so it might be a tad bumpy for a few days. 

Lately we have been dishing out the following threats to our crazy, but so adorable little monkeys:
  • If you don't eat you are going in the garbage can.
  • If you don't eat, I'm putting you outside in the snow without a jacket.
  • If you don't go to sleep, you are sleeping in a dark room all by yourself.
  • Clean up the books, or you are going to bed an hour early.
  • Stop screaming, or mommy is running away.
  • Say you're sorry, or you are going to go to your room.
  • Clean up, or you are going to bed
  • Be nice or no more fun stuff today
  • Settle down, or I'm going to send you to the moon.
Feel free to use any of these ultimatums as you please, no credit is needed. 


  1. I like the first one...I'm stealing it.

    I listen to some of the things that come out of my mouth and it's ridiculous. Now that they're starting to really understand, I need to be a little more careful!

  2. I may have to bookmark this and come back to it later ;) Some of those could definitely come in handy. I particularly like the "mommy is going to run away" bit. I threaten throat to my husband all the time ;)

  3. I still go back to "or I'll bust you up" Of course, no one knows what that means, but it sounds good.


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