Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - To earn or not to earn

  • First, today is Cody's 30th birthday and there will be no cake today.  Today is filled with another event (which I'll get to in a couple bullets), tomorrow the two of us are going on a date night, and Sunday we will be celebrating with family.  So, actually he is getting a whole weekend of celebrations, isn't he lucky?
  • This was the week of to work or not to work.  I actually went and talked to a potential employer for at least 30 minutes, with full intentions of filling out and returning an official application when we return to Missouri. 
  • Any extra money would definitely be a plus.  The job description, hours, and demands, though, are just too much for me.  I love being with my children too much to be away from them M-F, with absolutely NO vacations, and many late nights.
  • I'm still debating whether or not to look into teaching this upcoming fall.  Which, if I want to, I need to get my certification done asap so I can apply for one of the three jobs currently available fall.  The chances of getting the one job I would be qualified to do seem very unlikely considering the county had to close a school down this past year.
  • Can we make it on just one salary, of course, will it be easy?  No.  Would it be worth it?  Of course. 
  • With all that said, I am starting school back up in just a month, and it has been 5 years since I've been in school, so I know that in itself will be an adjustment. 
  • Cody and I have also made some bigger decisions as far as planning our future, which will be shared a little later in the year. 
  • Here is my shameless plug - as I've mentioned before, I am a Scentsy Consultant (after buying many products for 2 years).  My mom is hosting a party tonight and it is up on my website for any one who would be interested in ordering.  It would all be shipped directly to your house within the next couple weeks and there are many, many items that are currently 10% off.  If you have any questions about any of the products or placing an order, just send me an email and I'll get right back to you.
As always, leave love for our host, Danifred.


  1. That is a difficult decision about going back to work. I am sure whatever decision you make will be the right choice for your family.

    I'll check out the Scentsy stuff in just a bit!

  2. Tough things on your plate right now (except the date night - woohoo). You'll make the right decision for your family in the end. You're's not easy on one income, but you can make it work. It just takes careful planning and some sacrifice, but not sacrifice of the truly important things. I say, do it if you can b/c you'll never have the choice again! You're welcome for the totally unsolicited advice b/c it really does sound like you already know what you're doing!

  3. Lots of big decisions for you! I'm sure that school will be a big chunk of time once you get started, maybe you can wait a year to see how life pans out with all of the changes you guys have going on????
    I'll definitely check out the Scenty site!


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