Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ease dropping

This morning for some odd reason I awoke before anyone in the entire house, at a bright 6 a.m.  Maybe sleeping on the couch does that to my body - which is probably going to be until the end of the week.  Blech.  Anywho, I went downstairs showered, dressed, and quietly came back upstairs.  I heard Kinsley crying (not a good sign of any day to come), so I slowly opened the door and am glad I did, or I would have missed this cute exchange between the girls. 

Kinsley:  Crying and stirring in her bed.
Addy:  It's ok, Kinsley, I'm right here.  I love you. 
Kinsley: Crying a little less and rolling over in her bed.
Addy:  Kinsley, mommy and daddy are in the living room. Do you want mommy and daddy?
Kinsley:  I want mommy. 
Addy:  Ok, but you have to go back to sleep.  Remember?* 
Kinsley:  NO, I want mommy.

*We have been trying to tell the girls they have to sleep until the sun comes up (because this 6:30 yelling for mommy and daddy is not the way I want to wake up in the morning. 


  1. How precious is that! Hopefully your room is done by this weekend. I'm sure you'll sleep better.

  2. Wait...are you sleeping on the couch b/c of the water???

    I love this post and hearing moments like this b/c they really emulate what they hear from you. Clearly, it's nothing but words of love and that must make you proud!

    I love the sunrise rule, but it's getting light earlier here. I need something steadfast...gotta work on this!

  3. What a sweet big sister! My girls generally sleep until around 7 or 7:30 on the weekends. It is much better than my 5:30 wake up time on workdays!


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