Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reflection.....because I need it

The twins are napping on this misty, dreary day and I just stumbled upon Rebecca's post and I am feeling so many of the same raw emotions she shared.  Read it.  You must.   

A little reflection....

Yesterday when my phone alerted me with the news, Cody happened to be off early from work and we instantly turned on the t.v. (something we rarely do during the day).  We both sat, listening, and watching just as so many others were doing.  What just happened?  Why?  Who?

For the remainder of the day we continued to keep the news on waiting for updates.  Each one saddening, especially the 8-year old child.  I thought of my own three children and my stomach just ached.  Ached for the families involved.  What is happening to our country, the world?  Is this what life is going to continue to be like in America?  Tragedies?  

Once we put the kids to bed and had a moment to talk, Cody asked aloud, "I thought about what I would do in this situation if we were there.  I would immediately kick into gear.  Race you and the kids to safety and start working on people."  

I could not respond.  I cannot think of more tragedies.  Instead, I simply sighed as Cody and I both heard soldiers at the range shooting.  The loud booms just did not seem "normal."  I wanted them to stop.  It was just too much.  

Soon after at 9 p.m. just like every single other night I heard TAPS playing over the loud speakers, but last night it was definitely louder and clearer.  

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