Monday, April 8, 2013

Eligh surgery update and some bullets

  • My mom came down Thursday night to help with the kiddos and she just left this afternoon.  It's been quite the busy weekend.  
  • Eligh's surgery went amazing.  Scariest part was when he was trying to wake up from anesthesia.  Not cool seeing your little one with his eyes closed, just waiting, waiting, and more waiting.  Then, when he woke up he was shivering non-stop and crying about his arm (IV spot).  Not his throat, just his arm.  
  • Since surgery he has been just like himself.  We actually have to tell him to slow down, take a drink, and relax.  No easy task.  
  • The girls played their first soccer game of the season and Grandma got to watch it.  Kinsley was quite the aggressive little thing.  
  • We celebrated with Grandma a few days early Addyson's birthday.  We attempted to make a Friends Lego girl cake since we had an extra adult to share with.  The child has a new summer wardrobe of neon.  
  • Just three short days and the little stink pot will be turning SIX!!!  Sigh. 
  • On the eve of Eligh's surgery, Cody received orders.  Order that will send him away after the new year.  More than likely alone.  As we go to celebrate Addy's birthday this week, I will be holding back tears knowing that next year on her birthday daddy will not be here to celebrate with us.  
  • So many thoughts and emotions about this news, but to be completely honest....I am defeated.  

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that E's surgery went well. Sorry to hear about Cody's orders :(


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