Sunday, April 21, 2013

Family day

Yesterday we decided to hit up the outlet stores (an hour drive) and Target.  A neighbor of ours is having boy/girl twins in just a couple of days and I am passing along by amazing diaper bag and just had to fill it with goodies.  Thank goodness I do not have a baby or planning on having any more as all of the gear and clothing are beyond cute.

The kids did great walking around from store to store, and as a reward we took them to a fun indoor place.  It has a train roller coaster (goes in a circle through a cave), a wagon themed ferris wheel, bumper cars, arcade games, and a giant indoor playground.  We spent HOURS letting them play, explore, ride, etc. We are the mean parents, though, who only let them play $1 worth of arcade games, as I just find them a complete waste of money.

On the update front - we may all be going to Korea, not just Cody.  This requires us to store 50% off our house hold items.  And, I desperately need new running/workout shoes.  


  1. Oh Carrie Korea! Wow now that's going to be an adventure. I'm glad you guys will be together through this one. Will continue to send good thoughts as this all unfolds.i read u all the time but have trouble commenting many times know im thinking of u.

  2. What?!? Korea!?! Can't wait to hear all about it.


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