Monday, April 22, 2013

Bad dreams with a little magic

For the past week or so, Eligh has woken up with bad dreams.  Not necessarily waking up in the middle of the night, but as soon as he is up he tells me about the craziness he just dreamt about.  I remind him it is all just a dream, and to think happy thoughts instead - like playing soccer, Mickey Mouse, etc.  Hubby and I realized after some digging that we believe Eligh is sleeping more soundly than he ever has (due to his tonsils and adenoids being removed - he falls asleep faster and does not snore any more) and thus, is actually having dreams more regularly.  

At the beginning of this week as I tried to close the door to Eligh's room  he is upset and worried about having a bad dream.  I made up a ridiculous amount of excuses trying to help deter his attention.  While doing so, I grabbed his Fantasmic Mickey Mouse and told him that Mickey would use his magic to rid his room of bad dreams.  This then spiraled into me coming into his room with a magic wand (which I do not have) and shooing away the bad dreams.  At first he wanted me to do create this magical spell right then and there, but I weaseled my way out of it explaining that I can only do my magic spell with my wand (can't forget the wand) when Eligh is completely asleep. is working.  He has been waking up telling me he no longer has bad dreams and then goes on to share some ridiculously off the wall story of his newest dreams.  

Whatever works...right?  


  1. You are brilliant! Lol.

    I am glad that he is sleeping more soundly. Do you notice that his days are better, too?

  2. We spray "princess spray" (Bath and Body spray) in the girls' rooms every single night. Why? To get all the bad dreams out. Yep, whatever works.


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