Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Sasquatch

  • Notice anything?  Yep, this is still my blog.  I just wanted something a little more personal.  Honest opinions are always welcome and appreciated.  
  • This week I visited the doctor three times.  Once for me, once for Kinsley, and once for Eligh
  • Eligh saw a nutritionist who is thinking he has some allergies, but the doc has to request testing.  So, another appointment for him next week 
  • I had a back X-ray with no results.  Appointment next week
  • Kinsley's never-ending cough landed us with a chest X-ray, inhaler, meds, and another appointment next week.  Possible asthma or reflux. 
  • You previewed Kinsley's pictures which means you will see Eligh's and the twins' shots together this upcoming week.  
  • The carrying cases from St. Nick (a friend hand made them) have been wonderful for all these doctor appointments.  
  • It only took me three years, but I finally created and received the twins' individual baby photo books (it only has the first couple months just like Addy's). 
  • Addy had a short dance show this week, which has traumatized all of these crazy kiddos.  
  • Why?  There was someone dressed up as a HUGE Sasquatch handing out cookies.  It was a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  
  • Addy has her Christmas recital tomorrow evening without a Sasquatch, but the twins keep asking if Sasquatch is going to be there.  
  • The last Christmas gift arrived today.  I enjoy wrapping, but am just not motivated yet.  Plus, I need name tags and a couple more stocking stuffers.  
Stop by Danifred, our lovely host, as she begins the countdown for Baby Blue.  


  1. Okay, what the heck does a Sasquatch have to do with Christmas????!!!

    Love the new header!!!!

  2. Lauren was terrified of people in costumes until very recently. She would literally freak out if one was in the same general area as her. Allison just rolls with it. I swear, they are so different. It's hard to believe they have the same parents.

  3. Bahahahaha...poor kiddos! Could it have been the Abominable Snowman from Rudolph?

    You guys are going to have "medical exhaustion" due to all of these docs...may you get a break in 2012.

  4. Love the new header. I think it turned out beautifully. I wish I would have incorporated my blog name like you did!


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