Thursday, December 22, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers on Thursday

  • No, it is NOT Friday, and indeed is Thursday.  Due to our out of state travels, today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow is our Christmas.  
  • Another week full of sick.  I took Eligh and Kinsley in to the doctor Tuesday due to high fevers and a bad cough and near loss of voice for Kinsley.  
  • Kinsley was tested for strep which thankfully she does not have.  
  • Eligh got on the scale and the nurse asked him to step off because she thought the scale was not working right, but nope he really only weighs 28 pounds, a whopping six less than his twin.  Hung my head in shame. 
  • I was supposed to have my nerve conduction test this week but had to reschedule due to Cody being called into work even though he was approved to be off.  Now I wait until January. 
  • Rebecca wrote pretty much how I have been feeling this week about the should I/shouldn't I work. The hubby would like me to simply stay put until the twins go to school (nearly three more years until full time due to September birthdays).  
  •  He does not control me, he is the logical one when I am being torn in different directions and can't sort out all my emotions. 
  • We put the three gifts we bought the kiddos under the tree on Monday and they have asked every single day if they could open a gift yet, even though they know tomorrow is Christmas. 
  • Addy had a Christmas party this week at her school and keeps telling us how much fun it was and she can't wait till the next one.  No concept of time, this one. 
  • The kiddos exchanged gifts this evening before bed (books).  A new tradition I think we will continue. 
  • I CANNOT wait until tomorrow morning when they wake up to see what Santa has left them.  Addy is the most excited this year and the joy and excitement is contagious.  
Stop by our host, Danifred, and maybe leave her a boy name to help ease her frustration with finding the perfect name for "Blue."


  1. I can't wait to see the pictures of them tomorrow morning. I love the book exchange idea.

    Travel safely! Merry Christmas.

  2. 6 pounds? That sucks. Don't beat yourself up're doing all you can do.

    The work thing is such a hard question.

    I can't wait to see their faces with Christmas comes early!


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