Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - more follow ups edition

  • I went to the doctor for all the tingling and now have to go in next week for a nerve conduction test.  All I know is that it is going to be less than enjoyable and feel like shocks going through my limbs.  
  • Kinsley is now being diagnosed with reflux and is on meds and has another follow up in a couple of weeks.  (Remember she had reflux from baby to one year old)
  • Eligh had to have blood drawn to test for allergies.  He did great but made sure to tell the "boy" that he was a bad "boy" for doing that to him. 
  • Addy fell face first this week, gushed blood out of her mouth, cut that little piece that connects your upper lip to your gum, and there were teeth marks in her bottom lip.  Bleeding stopped and she didn't have to go in.  (I have had enough with all these doctors)
  • The kiddos decorated their first gingerbread house this week. 
  • Addy now gets dropped off and picked up at the curb at school.  Their teacher gets them in and out of the vehicle, but this was a big, make me sappy change.  
  • We made two different types of cookies today, and I caught Paws on the table enjoying probably a dozen of them.  He is on the naughty list.  
  • I have an interview next week.  Yes, an interview.  
  • My head is full of a million different thoughts, nerves, what if's, to do lists, etc.  
  • One week until Santa visits our family and he needs to wrap the last of the gifts. 
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  1. a teaching gig?
    I really hope that through all this testing you get some answers! and treatment that works!

  2. Ohhhh, an interview! Can't wait to hear all about. Hope the new year brings less visits to the dr. for all of you.


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