Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update on the tingling hand and now foot issue

Last night I was up for a solid two three hour straight contemplating how to physically saw off my hand as it felt like it had fallen asleep and no matter how I moved or manipulated my body it stayed tingling, shocking, and generally just pissing me off to the point of crying. 

This afternoon's appointment did not come soon enough.  I went in with high blood pressure preparing myself for battle to receive some relief and answers.  The doctor, whom I had never met, was great.  He looked over my records from the ER visit from hell last week and we talked about the drug pushing doctor and ruled to simply ignore his "diagnosis."  After some manipulating of my hand, the doc said that I have an extreme case of carpel tunnel that has been going on for too long and is typically met with surgery.  But, we are going to try steroids and an arm brace before heading down that road.  The tingling in my foot that started Tuesday (departure day to IL) is "assumed" to be a herniated disc in my back which the steroid should also treat.  Oh, and no more trips to the gym for now. 

*Worst case scenarios:
Surgery to my hand, MRI for my back, epidural shots to the herniated disc, or a possible trip to a neurosurgeon.  

**Extremely worse case scenario:
We check for MS.  

I have a follow up for Monday and am hopeful that these meds will treat and eliminate the pain or you will be reading about a 29 year old woman sawing off her own hand. 


  1. Keeping you in my prayers that it will be simply treated with meds...or at worst surgery. Glad you found someone who knew what was going on! BTW, I usually read in my google reader and really like your blocks background.

  2. Ugh. You sound like me lately with my medical weirdness. I had the same thing with my one hand last year. I thought I was having heart issues. Found out it was a herniated disc in my neck that was causing it. Physical therapy for 8 weeks.

    Did you get an MRI?

  3. Ugh. That sucks!!!!! I had horrible carpel tunnel when I was pregnant with Tot and I can't imagine living with it all the time. I hope you get some relief soon.


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