Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - tingly hands

  • This week I started my new migraine prevention meds, and they have been an adjustment.  I'm currently waiting for the nurse to call me back, because the joints in my right hand are in some pretty intense pain (not so common) along with the constant tingly sensation (very common).  Yes, bone pain is a possible side effect. 
  • Kinsley and Addy got to have a play date with Addy's friend from school.  They won't stop asking if they can go back to her house.  
  • Speaking of asking, Kinsley still keeps begging to go trick or treating
  • I took Eligh to the doctor for his eczema (just needed some cream) and left with a referral to a nutritionist as he lost a pound in a month and is already on the more than small size. 
  • Addy made daddy take her to dance class this week.  Poor daddy had to deal with a bunch of non-stop gabbing about how wonderful their children are mommies.  He's a pretty good daddy to agree to these terms. 
  • Did I tell you all that I got the newest iPhone?  I like that I can have a conversation with it and not be a crazy person.
  • Addy does not have school and daddy does not have to work today.  It's a more than GREAT Friday.  I hope your Friday is just as great.  
Stop by the lovely, Danifred, to see what others are bringing this week. 


  1. I love that K is still asking to go trick or treating!!!

  2. K doesn't ask for Trick or treat, but she talks about our trip to Yo Gabba live EVERY SINGLE DAY. While I am glad it was so meanigful for her, I would like to begin moving on!
    I am so sorry you suffer from such bad migranes. To my knowledge I have only ever had one 1 time. And it was definately associated to a flu. Headaches alone hurt, so I can't even imagine the kind of pain you go through. I hope you find some relief~

  3. I'm ordering my iPhone tonight...I need it.

    I really think you might want to at least *call* a specialist.

    Seriously? With the Halloween stuff???


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