Monday, November 28, 2011

The uneventful birthday

The placement of my birthday is inconvenient for most as it can fall on Thanksgiving or any day surrounding it and for a while it has simply been another day and yesterday was no exception. 
A rundown of yesterdays events (ahem it was my birthday):
  • Wake up before Cody, get kids up and ready plus my niece and nephew who spent the night at my parents.  
  • Mom gives me gifts (score)
  • Dad makes breakfast (score)
  • My other nieces and nephews come over.  
  • I hold my 2 month old niece while everyone eats 
  • Finally eat mostly room temp homemade breakfast
  • Finish packing up the van, let the kids play
  • We drive six hours back to Missouri and arrive in town after two traffic jams around 4:30 PM
  • Cody heads into the store and gets a cake
  • Pick up dinner
  • Eat dinner with the kids (score)
  • They sing happy birthday, eat cake (score)
  • Unpack, laundry, and get everyone to bed
When did friends stop calling or at least text you on your birthday?  I think a FB comment from your closest friends is disheartening, if you ask me.  29 years old, sigh, I better find a way to enjoy my last year in the twenties, huh?


  1. I love your awesome birthday gift (from FB). I think that some people feel like a FB message is equivalent to a text... hmmm... never given that one too much thought.

  2. I think that if it's a close friend, you can at LEAST text...whatever happened to sending cards too? Happy belated sister's baby shower has knocked me WAY out of the loop!


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