Sunday, November 4, 2012

Midweek - Weekend rundown

Halloween was a success. We took the kiddos out for right under two hours and now we have an overfilled bucket of candy that I need to find a place to donate over half of it.

Kinsley had her bronchoscopy procedure and it was a nightmare.  My nerves were shot, she cried as soon as we arrived until we got home.  Doc found enlarged adenoids, nodules in her throat (but not visible to the eye - seen with camera), and an airway by her left lung that is smaller than it should be.  He also took cultures of her secretions from her lungs and those came back at the end of the week.  We are now treating her for a rare case of pneumonia that typical antibiotics cannot cure.  Medication is one that is used to treat individuals who have been exposed to anthrax - and will be taken for two weeks.

And we are preparing for daddy to leave for the next six weeks.  Suckage.  

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  1. Poor baby. What does all this mean long term for her?


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