Thursday, November 8, 2012

First conference

Today was Addyson's parent/teacher conference which was actually a student-centered conference.  The little gumdrop went through each station with ease.  She flipped her "p" to a "q" in one section and had to correct her numbers when she saw she forgot to add the number one.  The little perfectionist had to erase all eleven numbers, rewrite, and attempt to erase, and rewrite again before her teacher and I explained that she could just write the numbers underneath.  Once we finished all five stations her teacher gave me her report card - exceeding in all areas.  She has adjusted and hopefully will continue down this path (except I really do not want her to be a perfectionist as I know what challenges it can bring).  I am amazed at all that she has been able to master in just two months of school.  Amazed.

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