Saturday, October 13, 2012

Deja sick

Not even two weeks ago we were dealing with throwing up children, and one who appeared to have all the symptoms of strep (he never actually tested positive).

After a night out with some friends, Kinsley woke up around midnight hacking, gasping to catch her breath, and a fever. Yes, just like that. No previous symptoms indicated another round of sick.

It all is coming at the wrong time. Cody is about to head out for some training and he has been working many weekends. Of course someone had to get sick when daddy is actually home for the weekend and we could have potentially had some fun.

Some day I will have time to blog regularly again and about something besides sick children.


  1. Im so sorry. I don't know anyone who has worse luck with sick germs. Hoping everyone can get healthy soon.

  2. You definitely deserve a break. A very, very long one!


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