Monday, October 22, 2012

A breather

Soccer season is over, and thus my life is slowly coming back.  No longer will we be rushing to and from school, home, practices, and games.  It was exhausting keeping up with practices and games and giving up every single Saturday.  It was our first season, and Addyson and Eligh had a blast and declared they want to play again.  I declare soccer a success.  

From now until spring I will only be toting the girls to and from dance class two times a week.  Addyson will be going twice a week and Kinsley once a week.  Unfortunately, Cody will be heading out for training for six weeks soon and thus, Eligh will have to start tagging along.  I have been spoiled with all Cody's help for quite some time and am really not looking forward to doing it all on my own again.    

For now, though, I am going to enjoy this much needed break from all the running to and from and actually eating dinner at a normal dinner time, versus either an hour early or an hour or so later than normal.  I have even taken advantage of hitting the gym up a couple times a week after dinner.  

Anyone else getting a break from the fall sports?

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  1. Can you imagine how crazy our lives will be in another five years? We will be non-stop taxis.


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