Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Puppy swimming game

The imagination and creative play with these kids has exploded and I can't help but listen, gather information, and ask questions.

Nearly every day Eligh asks the girls if they want to play the puppy swimming game.

I finally had to ask him and Addyson what this game is all about.

After several questions I have gathered the following:  Eligh is a puppy, more specifically Paws.  He is to pretend he is swimming, but only in his dress up clothes (Lightning McQueen outfit to be precise), as his dress up outfit is his swimsuit.

I then asked the two of them if Paws (the real dog) should go swimming in a dress up outfit.  At first they all said no, and then begged that we buy Paws an outfit so he can go swimming.

So, when your kids are bored and need an activity, have them play the puppy swimming game.  (Not that it really makes any sense)

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  1. We have the kitty game over here. From what I can tell, it's only a bunch of meowing.


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