Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And, it is time

.....I'm having to have a vein removed.  It is not for cosmetic reasons, nor can you even see anything but bruises.  It has been causing pain for quite some time and after a long extensive u/s and consultation, I have a vein that is refluxing.  Blood is not flowing back up, and instead just stays stuck in my leg.  Removing the vein is the only way to stop this from occurring and progressing to possible blood clots.  

It is tomorrow and as much as I was completely up for this as it will hopefully cause relief, I am starting to freak as it is less than 24 hours away.  

Being awake during this procedure and the thought of someone messing with my veins is yes, indeed, causing some uneasy feelings.  I know it is a common procedure and is nothing to be stressing about, but I am.  And, so be it.  

Update tomorrow or the next day with the nitty gritty.  

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