Monday, June 18, 2012

Visiting/summer vacation 2012

We are in Illinois visiting family and "vacationing" if you will.  We arrived Saturday by dinner. 

  • Unload dog, kids, and swim suits
  • Swim
  • Dinner by the pool
  • Later bedtime for kiddos
  • Unload vehicle
  • Cody, my dad, and brother go golfing right after breakfast
  • Spent the morning organizing and unpacking 
  • Head to my brother and sil's house
  • Kids were in and out of their pool, playground, pond, four wheelers, scooters, bikes, etc.
  • Back to parents to give all of them a bath 
  • "Normalish" bed time for kiddos
  •  After breakfast the kids have us outside
  • Kids played in the sand box, play with some out door toys, and daddy takes them for many rides on the rhino 
  • Head in for lunch
  • Twins nap
  • Addy and daddy take more rides on the rhino and get in the pool 
  • Addy swam from 12 today until 5:30 pm
  • When twins got up I head in the pool with them and they swim until 5:30
  • My sister, her two kids, her boyfriend, and his two boys come over from 3 - 8 pm 
  • Kids play on four wheelers, sand box, out door toys, etc, etc, etc
  • Kids go to bed later than normal 
Tomorrow looks like my brother's four kids are coming over for the day, and the week will soon be over and I won't have had a moment to just relax.  I know the kids are having a blast, but a day or two without even more kiddos running around would be nice. 


  1. You have to vacation WITHOUT the children to relax, duh.

    ; )

  2. I have concluded that traveling with children is actually more work than staying home.


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